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"The newest information from Adamus and the Crimson Circle!"

The Soul Destiny
Kauai, Hawaii
April 12-17, 2015
In Person Event!

In a recent Keahak session, Adamus talked about “Kasama.” He defined it as “the soul’s destiny,” noting that Kasama is when one becomes timeless, thereby allowing the destiny of enlightenment to be realized in not only the future, but the past and present as well. As this occurs, the light body integration and the integration of time and timelessness are facets of the same enlightenment truth.

DREAMWALK: YOUR CHILDHOOD MAGIC — It Wasn't Make Believe- (Re-Launch)
Online Cloud Class Event!

As a child did you have unseen friends? Did you talk to the angels and entities? Did you see elves and fairies, ghosts and gargoyles? This wasn’t fantasy or make-believe; rather it was the openness and innocence of a child connecting into the other realms only to be lost a few years later under the pressure of trying to be “normal.”

Louisville, Colorado
January 17-18, 2015
In-Person or Online!

ProGnost™ is an annual gathering to discuss the potentials and energy dynamics in the year ahead. ProGnost 2015 combines a unique variety of spiritual, astrological and trend forecasts to provide a roadmap for what’s ahead for the planet.

ProGnost 2015 is a two-day in-person and online event for looking into the energy dynamics of 2015 and beyond in order to understand the appropriateness of the changes that are affecting the planet. Nearly all of the trends discussed at ProGnost 2014 have come to be, including global virus epidemics, regional wars and conflicts, and the continuing financial crisis.

Vernon, British Columbia, Canada
February 15-20, 2015
In Person Event!

THE THRESHOLD is a premium Crimson Circle event based on what Adamus Saint-Germain calls The Threshold of Enlightenment. According to Adamus, our journey on the spiritual path has encompassed many lifetimes, but now we hesitate at the threshold of the realization of enlightenment.

Adamus stated that it was time for all Shaumbra to participate, adding that this can be done by volunteeering, sending blessings or contributing financially.; Crimson Circle Angels subscription program is for Shaumbra who wish to provide financial support for the many activities of the Crimson Circle..

Egypt 2014
Online Cloud Class Event!

Come along on this amazing journey into and beyond Time. In November 2014, nearly seventy Shaumbra from around the world gathered for 8 unforgettable days in Egypt, sailing along the timeless Nile River and visiting the ancient temples. Every evening a profound channel was given with Adamus, Beloved St. Germain, Kuthumi or Kammet the Merlin. Although given specifically for the group that was present, each message carries amazing implications that go far beyond a simple tour in Egypt.

Tuscany, Italy
May 17-21, 2015
In Person Event!

Just about every Shaumbra knows the meaning of Makyo. But Ahmyo? Ahmyo is the point where life is graceful, joyful and abundant. It is a natural state of being that brings your Creator consciousness to the forefront.  It comes through trust and allowing, without effort or struggle. Ahmyo, our true nature, has been hidden for so long by doubt, mental programming and beliefs in limitation but now in the New Energy era it is available to those who choose it.

Louisville, Colorado
January 21-25, 2015
In Person Event!

Quantum Allowing is Adamus’ next major step with Shaumbra. The underlying assumption is that enlightenment is a natural process. As a person approaches enlightenment there is a tendency to manipulate or control one's life, or to get caught in a quagmire of energy-consuming distractions. Quantum Allowing opens the pathways for the energies of creation to support what you and your soul-self choose in life. It dives deep into the natural state of grace in order to break through seen and unseen barriers. It is an experience rather than a teaching; it soars past compromises and the fear of change

Adamus Saint-Germains's
Online Cloud Class Event!

It’s time for an update about the New Earth. For many years now Tobias and Adamus have talked about the non-physical dimension of the New Earth, where human and angelic beings of higher consciousness are bringing together the best attributes of physical Earth with new potentials for enlightened experience. Many Shaumbra have wondered if and when New Earth and Old Earth would integrate. In this important update, Adamus will talk about how the New Earth is being designed, how many New Earths now exist, and the role of New Earth within the angelic realms. He’ll also talk about how we can bring the potentials of New Earth to this planet within this lifetime, and how it will affect the generations to come